Sunday, 30 May 2010

Fuck guys. It's been too long. Working full-time in a poxy coffee shop serving the old, sick, dying or a delightful mix of the lot (not out of choice, unfortunately they seem to make up the population of Fareham), has pushed my thought and creativity into a tiny box and into a dark cupboard so I can cope with the depressing, mundane and bullshit that every day throws at me. Seriously, there is NO eyecandy whatsoever, and every fuck who comes in has something to complain about while I sweat it out, froth up cow secretions with steam and inescapably burn myself in the massive greenhouse this hell hole is situated in, surrounded by milling consumer shit-twats. People of Fareham, think for your fucking selves and get your fucking MINDS back!

Hopefully that little rant put into perspective just how much of a ruiner retail is. But it's cool, I'll give you a little update of what's happened since I been gone.

So, I turned 21. Fuck. Numerically an adult, mentally dumber than ever. Quite a shock, really. When I was 10 I never thought I'd make it to 20, let alone 21. Anyway, I got the BEST present ever from my Nan: a basket of fruit and a basket of veg. What a hero! I also made myself cakes as I doubted anyone I knew could make a vegan cake. I made a lemon and coconut cake and a chocolate orange one. They were both pretty much delish, even if I do say so myself.

Also, in total fucking breaking news, there are Geese in the garden. Mum thought she'd be a hero and get four, three-week-old baby geese. Holy fuck, every time I look at them something inside me breaks, they're so cute! She came home with them maybe a month ago, and in that time they've doubled in size! But I will make a special photo entry of them all at a later date, they need all the attention I can get them.

Okay, actually, I'll speak of them a bit more; we were looking to rescue some geese to give a good home here at the ranch/asylum, but we looked for ages to no avail, so one day mum just came back with four little ba-bas. A couple of weeks ago, she got a response to an ad she put up ages ago, seeking anyone who wanted to give their geese to a good home. The lady ended up coming over an hour later with two big-un's with socks over their heads and pretty much doing a runner. They're one year old, and hand raised and hatched by her, but they were ruining her bushes or something. Stupid people. But anyway, their names are Gwen and Eider and Gwen fucking loves me. He follows me everywhere, stands next to me when I sunbathe and comes into my kitchen. Only downside? If I give him eye-contact or touch him he tries to give me the goose love. Not cool. But who can blame him? Nah I kid, I don't see why it's me! Maybe it's because I don't smell of animal graveyard? More photos to come.

A while back, I attended the "World Day for Animals in Laboratories" march in London. It was my first march/protest, and definitely not the last. I had no idea what to expect, and was, to be totally honest, rather scared. But it was a great day; it felt like a catalyst. It was pretty heavy because all day the reality of the horrors of what we do to animals was too much to bear... Especially when we stopped at Trafalgar Square and the drummers beat the "dun....... dun........ dun......" of the funeral march for part of the way. Here, it really hit home how sick we are to be capable of causing such unnecessary suffering and violence, across all spectrums. But there is hope. The positives outweighed my upset, it was great to see so many people (2000ish?) with the same hope to stop animal suffering.

Hmm, okay, not a lot else of note has happened really! Really regret not keeping up-to-date with mah blogz, would have been a lot more detailed and coherent if I had. Wanted to write a massive thang about the march, but my laptop was out of action. But it's okay, I promise I'm back!

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