Monday, 19 July 2010

The big 50

Ahh, I have worked for seven days straight with less than no thanks and an increasing sense of despair and contempt for humanity. Only six or so weeks until I can flip the store the finger, flip over some tables and run out screaming something along the lines of: "FUCK YOU, YOU CONSUMER CUNTS!! BURN IN HELL!!". The near-yet-far reality of that day is what keeps me half-going.

I really hope that when I finally go to Brighton, there won't be as many complete snobby upper-class prick-arseholes as there are in Fareham. I loathe this town and 99% of it's stupid rimjob inhabitants. (this great big sweeping statement considers only the patrons of Fareham Shopping Centre, of whom I assume are 99% of Fareham's inhabitants... You may take this observation as fact.)

Anyway, I'm hoping to go on a ROAD TRIP in Cornwall somewhere for a week, before I make my great escape from dead-end shit Fareham. Looking forward to a nine hour drive, no showers and sleeping in the car...

Not much else has happened really. This long week of hard slog has made me think about a few things, when I've not been in that hell-hole. The biggest thing, I've realised, is that over the past few years my creativity has vanished and taken a big part of me with it. I'm going to have a few weeks before I go away to University to try and sort it out, I want to go into the forest and read, take pictures of nature's beauty and put pen to paper. Maybe knit. My only outlet at the moment is cooking, which, okay, is pretty damn tasty, but I'd like to spread it all over the place. A big part is my being lazy I guess. I've also discovered the fact that I like coffee, a bit of a strange one considering I've worked in a Starbucks and a Costa collectively for a year. It shall be the fuel for long nights of getting high on turpentine and getting paint in my hair, like the old days. Enough of the "I shall's" already!!

Observing people mindlessly go about their boring lives of work-come to Costa-sleep-work-buy clothes and electronics-work more-sleep-have a baby-work-get old and die has made me think about the capitalist society we're all unfortunately a part of, and just how shit it is. Exploitation is everywhere. It's a sick society we've built for ourselves. "Every man for himself". Dominate and control, get more money, tread on everyone you can, and all without thinking about it. Brilliant. My friend Kat lent me the film, The Edukators, which pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about society and everything! Apart from at the end where Jeff Buckley kind of ruins it a bit. But yeah, add it to your list of films to watch!

Whilst on this whole subject, I'm reading some Marx and Engels and I'll be getting some Kropotkin. It's really interesting. If only Capitalism could be overthrown successfully... Unfortunately I still think I'll end up living up a tree somewhere. I'll post more about my findings when I've learnt enough to have an opinion. If anyone ever reads any of this and has any reading suggestions, please say! I'd love it aha

It was my brother's 19th birthday a few days ago, and on his request I made him a VEGAN chocolate cake! Considering he is the fussiest eater ever and a meat eater, I consider it a great victory that he wanted it! He practically begged me to make it for him! It's nice when people come to me for food, I just hope one day the infiltration will reach them deeply and they'll realise "hey, being vegan isn't so hard! It's damn tasty and Meg can do it! So can I!"

Well, there's hoping :D

Evidence of said cake making, also best apron ever. Also, appreciate the tea selection.


  1. Hahah, you are an angry one :]
    I get angry from time to time, but I let people be. Kinda given up on the world when i heard someone talking about how she cannot wear the same dress to two different parties. They are to many :[
    I'm not vegan, cause of the infinate love for real cheese (horrible addiction). But I try as much as I can to substitute eggs and milk. I mean, when its an easy and cheap thing to do, why the hell not.

  2. Hey its Chris (penguin) - Do you think you could run a set up like Eliza Gauger( has? She films herself making art and listening to music (she calls it 'sweatshop') and people chat and donate money so she can keep eating and making art. She sells the art sometimes too.

    This explain better

  3. Inna: Maaaan, I used to let it go over me but recently it's really hard! Yes, I'm a very angry one! ahahaa :) The world is just so fucked up and it all stems from people and their greed. Huurghh, okay I won't get onto another rant, it's not healthy!!
    Oh man, when I gave up cheese it was like giving up heroin or something! But fortunately after not eating cheese for months I discovered vegan cheese, which started out kind of weird to be honest, but once I got used to it, it's pretty awesome.. Somehow it's cheesier than cow cheese! How is being vegetarian in Norway? I just remember mountains and mountains of meat!

    Penguin: wow, her stuff's pretty cool, something to think about!

  4. Well its kind of expensive if you insist on soy substitutes. I make my own tofu stuff and things from different beans. Gotta be creative if I want to keep eating though out the month (so i've taken a large interest in cooking).
    Also many people are like "No meat? Then there's nothing but the potatoes, wtf?"
    But there's an eco/health/cooking trend atm, so a larger variation of food and stuff on the market. Allthough the stuff i like became more expensive..

    I've been doing this for what.. 7 years? So I'm kinda over it.
    I'm not one of the radical hairy veg people though. But i do hate consumerism. The dream is to grow my own food and to be able to avoid those dreads people at the collective eco farms o_o at the same time.

    Maybe I'll get myself a pet cow one day and make my own cheese. She will sleep in my bed and shit in my kitchen, it'll be great!

  5. Beeeaaansss save my life. I love beans, you can do bajillions of things with them! And they're super cheap in England, so sweet!
    Really sucks that healthy stuff is getting more expensive.. Almost funny though, people are only JUST starting to think that health is important, and all for a stupid trend. People are stupid (understatement)
    Hahaha, I was talking to some Latvians at work about this whole meat=no thing and they think I just go to the forest to eat. If only! That would be fucking awesome...
    HAHAHA "radical hairy veg people".. my uncle tried to go live off the land and stop with all the consumerism bullshit and ended up with "bedlocks", dreads from going to sleep and not brushing his hair :| he had to cut them off when he got them caught in a forest looking for truffles ahaha... Make sure you brush your hair if you don't want dreads!
    And atleast if you get a cow, she'll be loved and have a kitchen and a bed shit in. It'll be awesome! :)

  6. Oh, one more thing, maybe if the world ends and somehow Norway and England are closer, we can be hardass farmers together. I have some marrows, raspberries, strawberries, mint, tomatoes, figs, peppers, spinach not enough stuff to live on, but one day!! I'm often just sat out in the vegetable patch eating :|