Thursday, 5 August 2010

Had a lovely couple of days, went to Butser Ancient Farm, where they've built little round houses like the ones we used to live in all that time ago before we got too big for our boots. Made the decision that one day I shall also build one and live in it (a bit more realistic than the tree idea, perhaps?), mostly because they're AWESOME, but also because they have open fires instead of ovens, hurt no-one and.. well, need I go on really.

Got a pretty massive callous on my left index finger from the milk jugs at work. It's so gross. But I have TWO DAYS OFF to get rid of it, the weeds in the vegetable patch and to photosynthesise. My gypsy skin has waned somewhat, and that definitely needs to be addressed. Please let there be sun. Pretty please, with a cherry ontop.

I've gotten really lazy with my food over the past month, maybe, and I'm starting to feel the effects. No excuses, but that also needs to be banished from my life. Before the de-weed, I'm going to throw coinage at a stranger behind a counter in exchange for the most fruit and veg you ever did see. And have a fucking gourmet festival about it.

It's going to be a good one.

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  1. Ancient farms are cool. But you could live just fine in a more practical place though, and that without being a counsumer bitch :P
    I saw this episode of a show(Where noone thought anyone could live- in Norwegian) about this crazy ass chick . She came to Norway from the US at the age of 16 i think and after a while settled down at a 1800 style farm, put in cold water in the kitchen sink (water coming from the nearby spring down the mountain side) she and her husband live there still. They have farm animals and a farm to provide themselves with loads of food. She doesnt work and doesnt have to, as she spends all time providing her own food, clothing, candles and so on. Her husband is a part time teacher, but he mostly spends his time chopping wood for the winter or building/reparing stuff in the stable/barn.
    They are obsessed with Nowegian tradition, herbal medicine and so on. Oh also, they have a washing machine an electric one, it is run by a bysicle(with some sort of turbine) attached to it XD They make their son power the washing machine when he is over, cause he once complained about missing out on spinning at the gym. Crazy ass people, living a wonderfull life as it seems.

    I for one would like to live in a house on the country side, i'd buy an old house and fix it for a couple of years. I would have a farm to benefit from and a winter garden on the back intergated into the house itself. I'd probably have like 4 hens running where they want and a mini pig guarding them. I'd have eggs from happy (maybe pig tormented) hens *_* and i'd use their poop as firtilizerrr :B
    i dream of this every day. I love growing stuff to eat.