Friday, 25 December 2009


It's Christmess day. I'm full upto my eyebrows with sloppy nut roast and zubrovka. In this hazy state I have started a blog. What better time than now and all that! And why not while you're stuck to the setee with a gut the size of your large dog, Kads?

The other day I was made redundant from my shitty warehouse job which, over the space of four months, sucked my soul away, ruined my hearing (which I cherish so), and kept me from the outside. It's as if I'll be born again though; I have been incubated in a big bastard grey box and known not alot more. I am free to set havoc on the big wild world and reacquaint myself with the things I missed so much, like the sun and clouds and rain and air. And of course, find my soul again. YESSS. I AM FREE. FREEEEEE! But now I'm poor. And VULNERABLE - I remember from my time before the big grey box that this frightening world can be full of arseholes. But alas, time to get the flour and graphite and ink and spices out (not together, that wouldn't taste or look nice.. maybe, hmm..) and get my life back!

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  1. We even started our blogs pretty much at the same time. :)
    What are "wasps"?

    'Christmess' rofl!
    Oh I feel you there, feels great to leave a stupid allienant job, but then the stupid money gets in your head and ruins your 'LIBERTY!'.