Sunday, 27 December 2009

Here's some pictures of ducks.

The most interesting converstations seem to happen at late at night. They're quite rare but when a group of people come together and somehow get on the topic of life, the universe, religion and everything it leaves you ringing for days. Last night we watched a film called Zeitgeist, and it destroyed me! Just how willing we, as people, love to be told what to do, got me. We can't think for ourselves, we've been conditioned to do what we're told and think nothing of it. Bleuughh. Another thing that did me in was talking about the kind of.. interntal universe and external universe. How inside us and everything there are tiny particles which keep breaking down into smaller and smaller things, until there's just space and how space is just full of things and space! Ah! I can't even put into words anymore what we all went on about last night but it blew me mind. It's getting blown too much recently. Going to be dust soon. Also will probably end up as some conspiracy theory wanker who stands on a soap box. And straps themselves starkers to whaling boats. I have seen my demise. Oh. Watched the ducks today. Gotta lahfe dackies.

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