Wednesday, 17 March 2010

BOOOM chug chuga chug chuggaaaa TSSS

H'ooh, it's been an alrighttt weeekkkk. Went to Sussex Uni on Saturday for the admissions day. As always, me and mum were late and mum was an anti social bint (bless her). Really looking forward to going there, the lecturers are really quirky and awesome (one has a total thing for bats) and most of the students are total hippies. Yesss. Ohh, one awesome thing! When they did lunch, which was a massive table of sandwiches, none of which I could eat, I asked someone if there was any vegan stuff and he ran off and got me a MASSIVE plate of DELICIOUS mushroom risotto, and was totally pleased with himself about it. 100000000 brownie points, sir. I think he was a lecturer also, ahaha. Awesome stuff!

Monday night we went to see A Day To Remember, which was the nutz. I've not been to a kind of hardcore gig before, most of the bands I've seen are crazy in their own way, but not in a hardcore way. Either way, it was too much fucking fun for me to handle. BASS RELEASE?! IN R.L.? Holy mother of diddly. What a sound! My nose still hurts from where I'm pretty sure it came close to being broken, but oh well. Awesome night nonetheless!

Saw my bad man friend Ben last night, who is the only person I know who can cook tofu properly! What a man.

The weather has been lovely recently, really sunny and warm and a little taster of the summer, I hope. Shit's still pretty weak here, no money, need a new job, but atleast I'm happy. If it all goes tits up, all I've got to do it wade through until October 1st, where I will flee to sunny Brighton.

Made some pretty shit-hot-swish food recently, too. I'll do a massive food porn-photo-dump later if time lets me. Ciao for niao

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