Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Yet another new beginning

Okay okay, I've got a bit of explaining to do, guys!

Basically the last few weeks have been shit. I've been bottling my prob-lames up, which were pretty big, to no avail, only bullshit, and it's dragged me and a couple of others down too. But it's cool! I have hopefully learnt not to sweep shit under the carpet and tell everyone the issues-for-tissues when they arise. Who wants to guess what the problems were to do with? Go on?...


Hooray, 100 points and a pat on the back! And a lollypop for behaving so nicely!

It's really gotten me down, "civilisation" has done me in, all the baggage, all the cruelty, all the violence, all the "I'm more important than you, so you can suffer" ethic which spreads thickly like a fucking "foi gras" pate across our lovely planet. People exploit animals and people exploit people, and not many people do much to stop it. War, speciesism, racism, sexism mannerism... When does it end? I've felt alot of negativity, not alot of positivity over the past couple of weeks. But through it all, the amazing weather and the beauty of the "little things" have helped me. We may be in a shit situation, but guys, we're in it together. It's the little things that really make things great if stuff is bleak.

I was in the field a few days ago and the sunshine was so lovely that I fell asleep in the grass! Even though it was freezing cold and a bit wet! I woke up feeling alive! The other night, when I took Herbs out so he could have his routine late-night shit, I thought the starry sky was full of windows, windows to amazing places, but it was the way my cold breath and the light played in it. I came back to earth exhilarated! We've got a lot of things to be grateful for. We've got plants and flowers to smell and see, we've got animals to love, people to smile about, the sun on our skin, the wind in our hair... I could go on but I'll spare you the details, you know where I'm going!

Thank fuck for the little things. Without a (sometimes accute) awareness of them, I would still be in the doldrums, being an a-hole and seeing an a-hole in everything. But I got through! Even though I have my last few pounds to last me the month, I feel like, again, I have woken up. What the deuce, I keep falling asleep! But the winter will be over, and there will be more little things to smile about.

So, the details for you. I am going to spend less time pissing my life away on the internet, I am going to make things and sell things, I am going to get involved in vegan groups so I can have vegan friends to shoot the shit with (if I can find vegan friends!), I am going to make vegan cupcakes and hopefully find someone to supply them to, I am going to try my darndest with this blog because I really enjoy rambling, and hopefully I am going to get a full time job, to make that fucking stupid thing that I need to get off this island! Money! Shit, how did such apparently intelligent beings get into this state? Giving our only thing we have in this life, our time for an object?! Money! Jeeeeezzz!

So, watch out. Watch out for more vegan "rants", more vegan cupcakes and more vegan insights. Veganism is love and all you need is just that.... Love. LOL.

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  1. Thanks for the b-day wishes!! Made some (surprisingly?) delicious vegan fondue, which actually was received very well by the fam (and made with my kick ass Vita-mix that my dad got me!). I really like your blog, and I look forward to more "rants", lol. Where would we vegans be without them??