Saturday, 6 February 2010


Really awesome today! Got up and froze my arse off as there's still no heating, but it was a lovely sunny so it was fine. Went into the kitchen and I had a letter from Sussex University. With my recent streak of failure, I really didn't want to open it. But it was to say the course that I applied for, Environmental Science, had been cancelled. BUT they offered me a place on Ecology and Conservation! Which is the course that I really really X1000000 wanted to do but didn't have the grades, so


I'm going to learn shit! I can't wait, I'm hopefully going to learn really interesting shit and meet people with brains in their heads! Working menial jobs has meant meeting lots of mundane, boring types (I've met a few select lovelies on the way) but I'm going to... BLEABFASJF. I'm really chuffed. And I'm pretty sure the course has an optional year out in Sweden. Holy mother of fuck, I'm there! After being certain that I was damned to a life without a degree, how the tables have turned! Kind of shocked me, because I came to terms with the fact I'd just be working for another year before maybe having the confidence to apply again. WAHH!

Also, I actually went to Brighton today. Yesss. It's such a cool city. AND I'M GOING TO BE STUDYING THERE! Loads of really kooky looking people, but I guess they just look kooky because not many people in Portsmouth have a personality and are definitely nicely slotted into each kind of subculture.

On the train there, I saw this guy at a station we pulled into. He was sat with a massive stack of dog-eared paper on a clipboard, talking into a big microphone, which didn't have a cable connecting it to anything. Really made me wonder what was on his three-inch thick stack of paper. Observations from a totally different perspective to mine? Conspiracy theories? Or just lots of drawings of dicks. Who knows. I was weird enough to snap a photo anyway.

Met up with a lovely friend who I haven't seen in a very long time. He was wearing a bowler hat, bless him. Made me smile aha. (Yes, if you're reading this you're a shart) We cruised the streets and I was just really happy that I'd be going there to study. It's going to be my home! And there's loads and loads of vegetarian/vegan cafe's and clothes shops. AND a Vegan Fayre in March, which I'm definitely going to be a twat and attend. The city just has such an upbeat atmosphere!

The trains back were delayed because some anus decided to get on the tracks somewhere down the line, but it's okay because I saw a man with INCREDIBLE hair. I won't go into detail, but it was shit hot.

Right, even though it's kinda too late to eat, I'm going to go make something anyway. A celebratory something or other. Sayonarazzzz.

Picture unrelated, but this is my Nan's friend's wall after he moved
all his stuff out. It's amazing what 5 years of
chainsmoking does to white walls.

Smoking is baaaaad.

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