Sunday, 14 February 2010

I'm up in the woods. I'm down on my miiind.

I went to the woods, for once. Kept that promise I made to myself!

Really regret that I didn't take the time to go there before - what a crazy place! And it's just across the road.

Trees stood silent, telling nothing of what they've seen. But they see.

Because I haven't been in "nature" for some time, I've been too hung up in this silly human nature shabang for too long, I felt somewhat disconnected to begin with. But the further I walked, the more I forgot about home, about the self, and the more immersed in it all I felt. Every woodlouse, every twig, every fallen leaf. It felt like I was a part of it. So, I had a really lovely time in this place.

I would like to get lost in a place like this. Literally. Lose my whereabouts and lose myself. Forget human constraints. Watch bugs do their thing. Listen to the wind rip through the leaves. Feel the rain on my skin. Forget time. It might be something that I have to do in my years to come. Find a desolate place, far from others and lose it!

But I might never come back. That doesn't scare me. Woods are a scary place. Life is a scary place sometimes. Aaaanyway. Came out of the woods into this amazing field, where the soil was all burnt, but it was soaking wet.

The photo actually came out like this!

Something in the middle caught my eye. It was a tree with a ladder up in, with a seat at the top! Really funny; somehow it made me really lonely and sad because the sea
t was big enough for two! And I really wanted to share it all with someone and climb it. But there was a little sign on one of the rungs. "No unauthorised persons allowed beyond this point". What?! Who are you to authorise my access up this ladder! Or am I too lame to be "allowed" on this seat of pure awesomeness. Hahah, made myself laugh. And I didn't climb it. Mutha-F. One day though.

Thought it was about time I started heading back after this, so I walked up to the top of the clearing and it started to piss it down with rain. Herbs (my dog) absolutely hates rain. Poor boy. Once the rain came down, the wood came alive. Crows started fighting, everything had movement. There was wind. I smiled to myself and we ran back into the woods.

I felt alive! I'm definitely going to take the time more often to get back to the roots.

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