Sunday, 28 February 2010

Rub a dub dub

It won't stop raining. And I have some time off work. I go back on Thursday. Eugh, I don't think I can hack it there, I'm such a faffer when it comes to cashing up the till at the end of the day. Too much menial responsibility for me there... Might phone up about the old warehouse job I used to have, that killed off a few braincells. But it's all so I can go to Italy then University, so I guess any damage will be justified in the long run. HURGH

Well, anyway, as the weather is utter bollocks, I stayed in my nasty hovel, which, is especially nasty these days. Like some wretched crackwhore, I sit in my filth hole which I haven't cleaned in so long. There's straw all over the floor, it's honestly like a farm in here and I don't care! Not cool!

Down to business. Gave the squealers a bath today, I think they loved it, bless them!

Okay, totally bedraggled here. But they were making their "happy noises"!

Ahh, time off, so lovely. Did a painting last night, for the first time in forever. Stole some of Roma's paints and lied about it, and she instantly found out. She didn't care, and wouldn't have cared, don't actually know why I lied! Fucktard. Been saying mental things recently, must just be MOON MADNESS (yes Rome, another excuse HAHA)

It's not finished, going to rip it up and add splashy-splashy, but not too bad for someone who hasn't created anything in a looong time!

Another thing. One of the ducks is ill, she has a limp and is being bullied by the other ones. So she's in my bathroom, doing her thing. She's eaten loads. Did I write a something about the chicken dying a week ago? I can't remember... But yeah, what is it with animals I know dying recently?! Hella bad karma?! I hope it stops :|

Too tired to continue writing this incoherent bullshit. I'll do a better one or two or three entries before thursday. GOODNIGHHHTT EVERYBODYYYY!!

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