Saturday, 13 February 2010

I ate too much now I'm writing this. True story.

Nine hours surrounded by lovely fruits and nuts, but also surrounded by pissy old people (literally and figuratively, unfortunately). Hurgh, I'm never getting old.

I'm going to live fast, die young, and leave a bloated corpse in the river Ganges, All going well.
Just finished "Vegan Freak", which was a really helpful book. The "as much as you'd love to, throwing the table over and flipping everyone around it the finger, screaming "MURDERERS!" while running off into the distance will really get you nowhere" bits made me piss myself laughing. It really did what it said it would - I feel like less of a freak in this ker-azy world but at the same time can embrace my vegan freakdom. I suggest anyone read it, even if you're an omnivore and think you're set in your ways. So you can understand.

Which is exactly what I needed at this moment in time, as I feel totally alienated and confused.

I mean, I had an argument with my dear old Mum today, with whom I seldom ever argue with! She's like my best friend! She's been the most accepting and understanding person through this, but we still can't agree on a lot of things. It's really sad...

Ohhh, I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow! I hope the weather's nice. I might go on an adventure through the woods. I've been meaning to since we moved here... three months ago? Haven't gotten round to it though. Hope I don't meet anyone in there and seem like a loner and a creep. Ahahaha!

Not even going to mention what day it is tomorrow either! Eww!

Does my corriander think it's being fucking funny?! What an asshole! Serious!


  1. Hahahaha, you're coriander is making a heart, how sick!
    So you're going in the woods alone tomorrow, and hahaha you're worrying about looking like a loner/creep in search for love in the woods on Valentine's Day! That makes you a 'Vegan Freak' just to think about that! ;)
    ... I would think exactly the same thing as you oh well. :)
    No worries, who cares about what people might think of you!? Who cares if one stupid mind believes I'm on drugs when I'm just high on sexy plant foods. Go in the woods, sweat it out and live the little adventure. I really encourage you, you beautiful girl. :)

  2. I really feel you there again about the 'FUCK ALL OF YOU MURDERERS' whole idea.
    ker-azy lol

    Oh well in fact the truth is that the meat eaters are the real freaks, the real extremists... they are the ones putting dead flesh in their mouth after all, now that is fucking freak.

  3. I find it so hard to discuss the subject with my parents, my sister and all people that I care about in my real life. I have yet to find a good way to speak about it.
    I hope it fixes with your mother, tell her you love her when you get a chance, I'll try to do it myself too.