Wednesday, 3 February 2010

"Chillin' so hard my ass nearly froze off" Oh, Buck 65, how you do me in.

It's so cold in my house. No hot water, no heating, no nuffin'. Sleeping in tights, leggings, pink zebra trousers and two jumpers isn't so grand. Having so many clothes on and being cumbersome is going to be a top fave this winter. But I did make lots of lovely food. Yes, the "fruitcake of yore" happened finally, (with more fruit than you could shake a tree at), as did a massive vegan lasagna, which was hottt but didn't look so hottt. Shoulda made more "cheese" sauce (really easy! just blend up tofu with soy milk, herbs and some yeast flakes! amazing!) because it looked kinda dry even though it was the shizzl.

A couple of books came today! I got "Vegan Freak" by Bob and Jenna Torres and "Making a Killing" by Bob Torres also... Really interested to get through them. Reviews to come! For the meantime, here's some food porn:

"Delicious incision" - Roma, ahah

Me and Rome were fart-arseing around and came up with my final demise. Somehow I'd have no legs, fall over, mallet in one hand, chainsaw in the other and somehow obliterate everything I cherish, whilst falling face-first into a steak with no escape, because of my lack of legs. Just my shit luck, really. Looking back, probably only funny if you were there and all that, but study her fine work with wonder anyway:

Alright, and since I'm going mental with photos, you get some squealer love too...

This little one was so full of love that he decided to have a chew on Roma's teeth. What a tiny creep. Somehow my Mum manages to attract little friends with crazy personalities!



  1. hahaaa, a really stupid band that I can't get enough of at the moment, even though their lyrics and music are total crap. Baaad tiiimes!