Saturday, 30 January 2010

boom snap clap b-boom snap clap

This morning I was woken by the sun shining on my face and birds singing, how lovely! It was as if summer were here already, but when I got out of bed all the trees were still dead and my car was frozen up. But alas, summer will be here soon and everything will be better. Or so I hope. Really can't wait to escape to Italy, if that plan goes ahead... Last summer was wonderful, it was scorching in the mountains, 38c-ish, 500m above sea level! Chasing lizards and collecting water. I wish I could spend my life like that, all this modern living crap we humans have gotten ourselves into surely can't be healthy... But I guess without globalization I wouldn't have tofu... It's a tough one really. If only tofu grew on trees. Or rather, if only the soya plant was indigenous to England...

Made the fabled carrot cake cupcakes yesterday. The were delicious, I couldn't stop myself from having a second one! The "cream cheese" topping was insane, I think it tasted just like the cow-stuff, but to be honest I can't quite remember 100%

Start my new job on Monday. The joys of returning to retail. Licking people's arses so they buy things. Great. Can't complain too much, it might not be all bad and it'll give me that evil money thing that separates us from other animals. I wonder what the world would be like without money. I'd like that place. It makes me pretty sad when I wonder how many people are living for their payslips so they can buy a new car or just material shite. But then again, it's generally those people, with more demand for more material things that are ruining our planet. But what can one do eh.
Oh my goddd, I can't get enough of the Guinea Pigs. Bean is just too cute. It makes me want to cry. I was watching The Secret of NIMH the other night, and he was just sat on my neck squeaking and just being really happy with himself. Bless him. Since I hate children and am never having any, I am definitely going to have a house full of animals instead. Children make me feel sickkk, they're little ungrateful shits. But furry, scaly, spikey things I can relate to.

I'm going to make a cup of tea. Enough of this bullshazz.

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