Sunday, 24 January 2010

Yeah, it's over, you can bet in mid-October that I will still be ranting 'bout most early May... See yeah he's a winner he's a goddamn sinner.........

Shit on my face. Yesterday I was blessed with the musical genius of not only Brand New, but Glassjaw themselves. It is literally too much for my little brain to process what an amazing night it was. Glassjaw.... Hooo'ee. What a fucking important band, most people don't appreciate just how momentous they are, especially for alternative music today. They were amazing, but Daryl Palumbo didn't look so well... He looked really ill and thin and had massive black bags around his eyes. It made me wonder why they're still going, but they put on a really good show. I would rather I saw them in a smaller venue; Wembley Arena is massive, and most of the people were yucky couples who came for the Brand New ballads. But I'm pretty sure the energy of Glassjaw touched everyone there. And I won't complain either, so many people would probably eat their own arm to see Glassjaw!

Brand New were intense too, what an amazing set. They had the audience in their hands, which was quite a feat considering just how many people were there. Really left me reeling, what a great band. I feel so priviledged to have seen these two extremely influential and incredible bands, and all in one night too!


Only one bummer from yesterday, and a pretty massive one too; went to a Malaysian restaurant because we were pretty starved, and I'm pretty convinced there was something fishy in the curry. Literally. It tasted fishy... Bleughh. Wanted to make them aware of what a catastrophe their mistake was but they didn't speak very good English so it would've been too much of a hastle to put on a game of charades to get the point across. Made me pretty mad/sad though. Tried to brush it off. I didn't want to let my usual go-apeshit-and-punish-yourself reigime after a slip up ruin my night. Feel bad today. It's not on though, being in a sea full of flesh eaters who don't understand or accomodate for my morals. But what can you do. NOT EAT OUT!! EVER!!! UNLESS IT'S A VEGGIE PLACE!!!! :D a*holes...

It made me feel funny all night... To be honest, I never want to eat out again. I haven't in so long, and the food was so shit. We make better food from us, without any crap in it. And I know for a fact that corpse has been nowhere near it. Yuck. It would be nice to be able to trust people, but I really can't. It makes me want to start up my own little cafe place even more! No idea where I'm going to get the money, I'm piss-poor and potless right now. And I want to see more of the world before I'm tied down. And the thought of being tied down really scares me; I like to be able to get up and go when it all gets too much. I like to reinvent myself when I'm away from the environment that made me the me I am. It's so good to come back, with a clear head and a new perspective and new ideas. Call me a coward or what you may, but that's how I am.

On another note, the other day I was watching a peta video. I make a point not to; I don't like the shock tactics they use to get the point across. If you don't want to see a travesty, it's your choice. Like when I was a kid, and there were people with big posters of nasty vivisection in the highstreet and the mangled corpses of cats and foxes stopped me from sleeping at night. I didn't need that really. At a young age. But back to my point - this peta video looked like a positive one, a collection of their achievements. I think. But a clip came up that made me well up instantly, I scrambled to turn if off and sat there fighting back a panic attack. It was two adult Pigs hung up by one hind leg each in the back of a van (my hands are shaking typing this) thrashing, bloody, bruised, filthy, petrified. Scared shitless. Because they were going to die. Bled to death. I only saw this for a few seconds. Witnessed through a screen. I wasn't there. Sick to my very soul. Didn't sleep much that night. But wait. Let's take a moment to assess this. Why were those poor Pigs hung up? People. That word... People. Us. We did this. To those poor animals. We're animals. We're doing it to ourselves. Why does no-one see that? I hate being one of these "people". We live on violence and pain. We love to spread suffering. Think about it. For a while. Think about the world we have made.

Trillions of animals die by our hand each year. I felt for those Pigs like they were brothers. They are my brothers. And yours. And you're probably eating them.

I have lost faith in mankind. I want nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with the violence they cause and thrive on.



In conclusion, my views on peta changed in a few split seconds. Let them know what they are causing. Shove it down their throats. Let them choke on it. If it stops people eating corpse and in turn, stops them killing, maybe the world we will make in the end will be a good one. One by one we will know the truth and we will all see. With eyes wide open.

Not a very postive blog. You probably didn't want to hear it. I can guarantee that you will probably think I'm some vegan hippy dick-head. Go on, if you want to argue about how wrong I am go nuts. I'm pretty fucking mad right now. I'll give you a run for your money.


  1. Okay, probably sounded really angsty but I was really mad at the time I wrote it. Pahaha, oh well

  2. your vegan rants make me want to bite the face of a kitten, and suck out its bloody tears.

  3. ben, you're a friend and all that but you're an arrogant cunt and i don't mean it in jest. you shouldn't shit all over my morals.
    i'll see you on thursday.

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