Wednesday, 13 January 2010

London Town

How is it that, in this country it's easier to get to London, which is 80 miles away, than it is to get some freakin' fresh vegetables?! Because of some snow?! I'm definitely going to start growing my own if this nonsense carries on... Everyone is still panic buying, the sillies.

Going up there has made me think... Totally bizarre how people in the city live their lives. Especially the Underground. I wanted to have a solo mooch around Chinatown for spices and oils and the like but had to come home because the snow. Under the ground, in the tunnels, there was certainly a buzzing feeling because everyone was probably going home early because of the white powder from the sky, but still, no-one spoke to each other. What a strange cultural phenomenon! Being pretty much in four people's armpit at once, but not being able to speak to them or even smile! I'm not really a fan of having tonnes of strangers in my personal space, it's just odd how you're ignored etc. But that's fine, that's how they live their lives I guess.

Felt a bit daft really, because I made myself all the food I'd need for the night. Is that odd? I just don't feel I can trust strangers and restaurants to meet my needs. What's nasty things are hidden in the food and where's it been and what's touched it... This vegan thing isn't going to be easy, but in all honesty the whole convenience thing everyone relies on has been doing my head in recently. People are so lazy. Maybe it's a cycle; you eat shit, you feel like shit, you think shit. Great.

Haven't slept on someone's floor in aaages, it's quite fun but when the friend your staying with has a housemate who decides to literally re-arrage his/her room at 3am, attempt to come though their floor and land on me and really noisily make chips at 5am, it doesn't make for a good night's sleep! Fun though. Need to be more spontaneous! Just a shame money's becoming an issue. Bleuughh.

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