Friday, 1 January 2010

Oh noes, noh nah gnennn (Oh no not again)

Yep, it's the first day of a new decade. And I did next to nothing to celebrate it. New Year is always a dodgy time for me, I try to run away from the reflection and the future and kind of end up running myself over. Not a nice time. Don't enjoy the whole "everyone, it's a great excuse to get pissed" scenario either, it's just a bit too weird for me/I'm a lot too weird for it. But my lovely Roma flew in just as things were about to get real, with a thunderous "MEG YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES TO GET WASTED" as it was 15 minutes to midnight. I succeeded. Juggernaughted a good quarter of a pint of vodka and lots of red wine. Made potato croquettes, gave myself my first shitty tattoo and passed out an hour later listening to drivel music. The moral of this story: don't drink when you're being a loser, or the situation will be magnified. BLAH BLAH. On a better note, yesterday I was woken by everyone shouting and the sound of whining dogs funning past my door. Turns out a big old cat broke in and the dogs chased him into my place. He was lovely and I named him Winston, as in Churchill. Seemed fitting somehow. Hmm.

Trying to finish a calendar I'm making as a present for my mum but time seems to be running out, as always when I try to do things. Maybe I should do that thing other people do; make a big old target for themselves to fulfill in the new year. Maybe mine should be to get off my arse and do things. Live every moment like it's my last, learn more. Eughhh... Hope and stuff. Maybe I'll try to get my wit back, my brain's gotten lazy over the last few years. To feed it I'll be making cupcakes tomorrolls.

Clearly I must have moon madness.

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