Thursday, 14 January 2010


Thankyou for the pho-tats, Roman

Got's me some food today. After all this time! Getting off the drive was kinda scary though, my little Peugeot 306 didn't like it too much... It was all ice! Exciting things of note - bought some kale which I'm yet to try and some mung beans, which I'm sure will come in handy-dandy one day.

My books came through the other day! I bought Vegan a-go-go and La Dolce Vegan by Sarah Kramer, really good recipe books! Haven't cooked anything from them yet, but they're hella inspirational. Well written, easy to find ingredients and most of all - fun!

Think I'll try my hand at making some Seitan tomorrow. And of course, some wonderful cupcakes. Haven't cooked in ages because Roma has been! She's made some crazy-tasty chili and some bangin' pasta dishes. It's not often I trust people to cook for me; there's only the select few, and she's the shirzl.

On a meteorological note: The snow's starting to melt. Everything's going to be brown and dead! Not going to be nice. I love the snow. It's clean. Not that I don't like the trees underneath, I love the wild... But snow is so refreshing. mmm.

Papped mid-consumer-spree. THANKS ROME.

On another note again, I'm really worried about going to University in September... But that's ages away, I've got other stuff to keep me occupado. Like finding a menial, badly paid job that I hate and then getting to Italy for the summer. YEAHHH. Geez... Kind of missing that shit warehouse job I had...


  1. My grocery carts look so much like yours!
    I love blackeyed beans.
    I eat kale too... I found that I only need to eat a very little to make me feel good, I think if I eat too much it's no good. Hurray for the greatest source of natural iodine!

    Vegan cooking books are inspiring me too, I never did a recipe yet but I read lots of recipies, funny.

    Today is warm here and the snow is, also, melting down. I feel the same now the roads are so disgusting brown and gray dirty, I hate anti slippage agents so bad, people could just drive and walk safely and slow... of course not, people have NO time to waste, people have no energy or 'capacity' to spend on being safe themselves, gogo fucking capitalist "fuck the Earth" economy.

    Good luck with finding a job and try not to worry too much. Vegan love.

  2. Ahh, cool! I kind of feel sorry for people in supermarkets who have loads of junkfood and bread and just shit in their trolleys. Bless them!
    ALL THE SNOW IS GONE! My igloo too. I miss it all!
    Yeah, everyone has the wrong attitude. It's all about themselves. I really wonder what it's going to actually take for people to learn... There is more to life than the self. How I dislike the whole western capitalism shabang. I'm the only one out of my friends who thinks this stuff! And I'm weird! aha!

  3. I take the back. Definitely weird!
    And thanks :)