Friday, 8 January 2010

Cabin Feverrr

Can't move the car because I'm too lazy to dig it out and will probably crash once I get off the drive. So I'm stuck here, with dwindling supplies. My most worrying near loss will be my soy milk - what will I do without tea?! Go fuckin' nuts, that's what. Haven't been able to bake, because I don't know when I'll be able to get to the shop next to re-stock. Epic predicament here. Have also basically lost the will to shower, not that there's no hot water, just I can't be bothered, it's not a key concern at the moment. Luckily I'm wearing too many clothes to need to worry about the possibility that I might offend.

I've been reading shitty books and watching shitty films, so in response to feeling guilty about being a lard arse and feeding my mind with utter nonsense, I'm going to stay up for as long as I can and paint and re-educate myself. How exciting. This snow is a blessing really, somehow it makes me feel comfortable... The urge to get up and go somewhere different has subsided for the time being. Definitely not related but I've had some really odd dreams over the last few days. I've not had such vivid dreams since I was up a mountain in Italy in the summer! These ones have been the same every night.. Well, for three.. Basically I'm somehow attracted to the place where someone (unfortunately) from my past has come back to, after being away for a long time, and everything is how it was in the old days and we've forgotten our differences and we're happy and we run away together. Everything's better than it was infact. But somehow we get lost from eachother because someone intervenes and stops it as we're about to get away. You know when dreams really hit home..? Freaky shizzl. Won't dwell on it anymore, it's totally doing me in!

On a brighter note, I made a kick arse 100% animal-stuff-free pasta bake today. Used up pretty much the last of my veggies and filled a small hole. I'm starving recently! Probably because I'm running out of food... Boh. Really need to sort my life out. Why do I always have such hopes and easy shit I need to do, but when it comes to it I'm just too lazy. Or maybe inadvertently want to deny myself any sort of WIN. Anyway, here's some photos from better times in lands far away (Norway, about 3 years ago-ish)

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