Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Hooray. I got a job. In a dried fruit shop. Go me. (Finally a job where I don't have anything to do with corpse!) It's only twenty hours, but it's better than nothing. Means I can have time to maybeee sort out my life, which I'm pissing away at the moment. I have too many hopes that I'm just kind of sat on my arse doing bugger all to fulfill them, possibly because I have a lot of them on my plate... I think I need a kick up the arse and to stop making excuses.

Secretly quite bummed about the whole University-fail thing. I was really hoping to go, just to occupy myself for three years, but that's probably why I didn't get in. Maybe I'll apply again and go for something different, rather than Geology go for Physical Geography or Conservation. I think my ideal way to go would be up in some treehouse in the rainforest canopy counting Gibbons. Seriously, I'd love that too much.

I'm reading up some stuff about the cruelty trade and I'm worried that at somepoint soon I'm going to tip and end up going A.L.F on everyone's ass. I know I won't; I'm surely too much of a pussy but sometimes it's a thought that crosses my mind. Not gonna happen though. Maybez.

Hurghhh. Maybe it's January, maybe it's the waning winter but I'm feeling down lately. (excuses are my fave) Can't seem to find joy in many things at the moment. It'll pass soon though, I hope.

Going to make carrot cake cupcakes tomorrow, in the hope that seeing people go nuts over them will cheer me up a bit. Sounds totally lame but I wish I had another vegan friend! I'm cast adrift in a sea of meat eaters and at the moment it's sort of doing me in. Bleghh. Again, hopefully that'll pass. What's with this entry being totally pathetic! Buh! Cheer uppp!

Ahaha, something that did cheer me up earlier today; the fact that I don't smell the way I used to? Sounds weird, but you know everyone has their own smell...? Or am I weird? Well anyway, I smell of spice. Ahaha... I definitely put it down to my diet! But it's way way way better than probably smelling of cheese when I used to be vegetarian. Well, there's a strange notion for you...


  1. Nice! Congratulations for the job.
    Go you! :)

    Counting Gibons lol. It would sure be enjoyable.

    Yeah the winter is much harder for joy and all. Make sure you get Vitamins A to E... where do you get your B12 and D from? I get those from fortified rice milk.

    Oh I want a vegan friend so much too! I mean in my real life of course. We live in a polluted sea of meat eaters. :/
    I love carrots lately, discovered the 'feelable' benefits of beta-carot. (vit A). :)

    I felt exactly the same last year a few weeks after I became vegan! Vegans smell SO MUCH better! We smell love and compassion. :-)

  2. Vitamins! I do try pretty hard with those guys, I get B12 from Marmite, a yeast extract, and D from soya milk and I try to get some sun too, but in England where everything's grey it's proving difficult at the moment!
    Ahh maybe we could be veg buddiez haha. My email/msn is, it'd be nice to talk to someone like-minded
    Haha, and that smell thing is pretty weird, but it can't be bad! "You are what you eat" and all that :)