Friday, 15 January 2010

Lovely Day.

H'ooh, blogging once a day because I have not much better to doooo~ (still no luck on the moneymaking front!)

Still having trouble getting up at a reasonable time, probably because I enjoy the night-time more. It's just so lovely and quiet! But down to business...

Made some really lovely food today! Tried out "Freedom French Toast", which was pretty good... Looked kinda funky but tasted groovy. (Hey, hey, I don't need to work on presentation if they were just for me!) Tofu, cinnamon, apple and pear juice all blended up and fried onto wholewheat bread. With some maple syrup of course... Nice soy protein way to start the day!

Because the snow is melting and I can finally get out to see my friendlies, I made cupcakes again to spread the vegan love. Same ones as last time (chocolate and vanilla) and they turned out better! Visually not quite as good because I didn't swirl the "buttercream" up as good, but it didn't look curdled! All smooth.. weyy.

Aaaand finally, for din-dins, I made hummus, quinoa and brown rice flavoured with Marmite (for B vits) with olives and some mental kind of vegetable... Salsa... Thing. The kale was hella strong tasting, but I liked it! Not bad. Go out of focus photo, go!

Cleaned my apartment today too. My god was it a crack den. Surprised we didn't have little visitors! Oh the joys of the unemployed. Really enjoying cooking though!