Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I have been appointed the guardian of dear mother's new baby guinea pigs. I don't think I'll ever be able to leave the house without them. They are too darling! The shy black one is Bean and the naughty ginger one is Hank. Don't ask. They're so naughty! Bean has a thing for hiding in my hood. Can't get enough.

Job hunting is a crock of shit, rejection is nay fun. So, this morning I got up and helped mum out up her yard to muck out when, like a divine bolt (if such a thing exists), the idea hit me. My cousin was talking about opening a cake shop in Portsmouth, and I thought, maybe I should open a little vegan/vegetarian cake and sandwich shop somewhere. I'd love making cakes and stuff! Hummus is cheap and easy to make, and tasty... Maybe it'll be worth looking into. Think I'd really enjoy it! Considering also, yesterday I got the news that I didn't make it into Cardiff University. The only University I really wanted to go to. The rest are okay, but I'm not so keen. Also think I might've made the wrong choice of course, thinking I might want to go into Conservation instead of Geology. Buhh. Ah well. I have two little squealers to shower with love and brocolli.


  1. It's really cool that you share all your thoughts like that. Opening a vegan shop is definitely an awesome idea. Too bad for Cardiff.

    Bean and Hank really look cute. I love your eyes. Where's the brocolli? That's my favorite vegie.

  2. Aww thankyou :)
    I'd love to have a little vegan shop! Especially since Universities are being arseholes. Plus it's something I'd really like to do... Ahh the brocolli! That's to come! They do love it though. And blueberries. Bless 'em :)