Monday, 11 January 2010

I'm sorry, what.

You see that? Most people will see a skanky angry hippy, but it's actually the angry (and skanky) Meg I have become. "Why did you post a photo of yourself looking angry, you rim?" You might ask. In answer to that, you rude so-and-so, I needed to prove a point. Here's the story...

A couple-a days ago, no wait it goes back farther than that, a couple-a years ago, I deicided to stop eating meat, merely because the realisation struck me, like being pounded round the face with a pillowcase full of bars of soap, that I was eating corpses. Animal corpses, and it was wrong and it needed to stop. So it did. That was all, just that they were corpses. But in those two years, I've discovered a lot about the animal violence trade and there was a slow and sure transition to disgust in milk and egg, and thus I couldn't do it anymore and became vegan. Two years ago it didn't seem so serious. In the beginning I was okay with handling meat and stuff, but now I'm totally repulsed. The whole vegan thing is new to me, I've been on-and-off for about 6 months, and made the pledge just over a month ago, and now I wouldn't dream of going back. It feels good to have nothing to do with violence and death and, oh I could go on...

Okay, a couple-a days ago, I looked online for some nice cinnamon bun recipies (without animal stuff, ofcourse...) when I read about bone char. Bone char is animal bones collected off the abertoire floor and burnt to a crisp and used mostly in the sugar and flour industries to refine and purify the product. Nasty huh. I don't really remember the hour after this discovery because I went all-out batshit. Last time I accidentally ate gelatine I turned lunartic, screaming and crying and feeling poisoned and disgusted with myself and nearly induced vomiting, but my omnivore buddy stopped me.

To my omnivore buddy watching, it was "pathetic" I was "over-reacting" about my "difficult" eating habits, that aren't that important. Only others like me would understand, but anyway, back to the bone char. This time round, I was a little more composed, even though I totally threw one about my sacred tea with half a sugar and everything else that I've been unknowingly poisoning myself with, and very nearly threw the entire contents of my cupboards out. This time my anger was not centered on myself, because it wasn't necessarily my fault; it didn't occur to me that I should research literally everything I eat. Then, it occured to me that I probably actually do, because everything could be filled with shit. Us common people are too glad to not question, too glad to take everything as it is told to us and be fine with it. It literally makes no sense to me and I feel quite alone, as someone who has realised this and someone who doesn't want to take it anymore.

I still feel angry that the masses are unknowlingly and quite okay with the fact they're being poisoned on an every day basis and don't want to know any different... And I'm the nutter.

It depresses me that it is this way; as it really shouldn't be. We should have the trust, really, that the food on the shelves is as it is. But we don't know...

Those two years ago, I didn't realise what getting myself into! All the E-numbers and additives and shit, god. Don't get me started.

Seriously, no regrets. I'd rather feel alienated and know I'm doing the right thing, than be bowing down and unwittingly accepting my own demise or someshit. Even though, in this world, doing the right thing is very hard and frowned on.

Enough preaching, I think I've worn my little red-capped brain out. Until next time.

Unrelated, but Norway is lovely.


  1. meg, i know exactly how you feel, and i love that you're writing about it, because if some of us speak out then people might start to get it.

    hope it's not getting you down, stupid massive money-hungry compassion-less conglomerates poisoning us with aspartame and other such lovely carcinogens.

    it's a struggle, but hey, we wouldn't go back now!

    much veggie love


  2. I'm a new fan of your words. :)

    It's so great to hear about a vegan experience! I felt very much the same when I became a vegan last year, now I feel disgust about meat, milk and eggs when I just think about the possibility I could eat that. How could I ever lived eating that for decades!? It's beyond imagination.

    Also, and more importantly, my vision of what life is changed drastically now that I'm a vegan in an infinitely positive fashion. I feel very high with very few plant based excellent foods, it's a lovely life we are blessed with.

    I'm looking forward reading your blog...

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  4. I had the same feeling of deep solitude when I turned vegan and had zero reliationship, knew nobody, that also "discovered" the hidden attrocities, the disgusting truth.

    Truth sets us free. I'm fucking free and I'm lovely happy, now, will tomorrow, too, and the day after, still.

  5. You inspire me. I'll write an article soon about how I became a vegan and the consequences I lived and live.

    Oh btw sorry to bother you with my 57 zigillion comments, lol. Feel free to tell me to calm down.

  6. Thankyou Laura and... SuperAstro! I'm so glad that the curtain has been pulled back for me, even though it's quite hard.. But I really can't see myself going back. Already the thought of eggs and dairy makes me pull faces! It's really nice to know you guys are out there, it made me really really happy to read your comments! It's great to know there's someone like me out there.
    Don't be silly aha :) it's nice to read what you think! And I'd like to read that article! :)