Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Haven't been blogging for a few days, because:
  • Lost my camera and found it
  • Been in the snow
  • Looking for jobs (or pretending...)
  • Helping my dear ma out, or rather hindering...
  • Intense sweats over monging about.

So, there's the basic jist. I've had a lovely few days, I made some more bangin' chocolate and vanilla vegan cupcakes, which were the shizzle and intended for my lovely cousin and my not so lovely friend Ben (he know's he's a bad man), but they're sat in the fridge waiting because my car is under rather alot of snow. Well, not really a lot, but a lot for and England and English sensibilities about the weather and "how dreadful it is" and stuff. This country is pretty much full of idiots, it's only a bit of snow! Norway manages... I'm so pissed I can't go give them my tasty treats!

It snowed the heaviest last night, and the bloody electricity cut out. Not really a biggie, but another stupid thing is that everything in this house in run on electricity; the heating has an electric ignition, the hob is electric so no tea either and we ran out of wood. That's not electric but, really, we English are hopeless..! I've decided that I want to live in a log cabin in Norway with a fire powered stove and shizz. That would be the life. The only buggers with Norway is that all they eat is meat and all the stuff I'd need is super expensive, so maybe not Norway. Maybe somewhere cold in America... Or well, just somewhere cold. Really want a fire, but all the wood is wet and there's alotta snow. Going to get a pile sorted out at somepoint, as I have shit all else to do.

This blog isn't very well written is it... Humph. Being in the snow awoke my wanderlust, which in turn has gave me the royal hump. I haven't had the travel itch for a while, probably because all hope and creativity and life was crushed from me at that job in the big grey box. Being on the outside, I can feel my sould seeping back into me, from the trees and the air, and a wind is calling me. I have the hump because I can't go. I'm basically shackled here for a while... What with the no money problem. Yes, yes, I'd really love to take the "fuck it allll" approach and pack my backpack and go hitch-hiking, but I'm a girl and I'm pretty sure I'd be done in by some trucker and left in a ditch, dead or dying.

^I'm going to leave that shitty part of today's vent there anyway, my skittishness needs out somewhere and the safest place in the world is probably here rather than out here. MADE SOME BANGIN' VEGAN PANCAKES TODAY. WITNESS THEM NOW:

Mmm yeah that's right. Oh, yeah, the electricity came back on during the day and is still here at the moment, but I wouldn't be surprised if I were in darkness again soon. It's pretty awesome how we originally lived outside and could deal with everything, bar bears and lions, and now we have this way of life and once a bit of electricity goes we might as well be done for. Nope, clearly still not done ranting. All I want is to roam free! At some point in my life the time will be right. To cease my hands twitching out obscenities and mistrust and woe and pity, here's a lovely photo-dump. GOODNIIIGHT EVERYBODY


  1. fruit and seed sprinkle pancakes?!
    looks delicious.
    here in 'new' england,
    it snows all the time.
    after a few years,
    it gets well tired.
    it makes everything else look pretty.

  2. Ahh thankyou, they were hella tasty. Pumpkin seeds, dried blueberries and goji berries. Lovely!
    I'm really enjoying the snow, I'm sure it'll never get old for me. It's just a shame that over here everyone's unable to deal!