Saturday, 2 January 2010

"It's cooold in paradise"

To combat being a lazy shit, I tried to get out of bed early today. It proved quite difficult; but I'll spare you the obvious details. It was lovely and frozen outside, I'm really happy to have some time to myself to see the wonderful world. Went into town, where I was assaulted by the wretched stench of burning pig flesh. A number one fave first thing in the morning. I also discovered that shopping in a middle-class superstore is acutally cheaper than the ASDA I usually frequent for supplies. Also, it was a much more pleasant experience, but I'm not quite sure whether I prefer being surrounded by toffs who tell you to move out of their oh-so-important way or bouncing off toothless pregnant chavs. Hmm.

Made some Chai Tea cupcakes. All was going fine and well and dandy until it came to icing the little swines. But alas I learnt from my mistake, I didn't give the margerine enough time to warm up. Ah well, they're still tasty as sin... just look like they have coagulated pus hats.

To add to my productive day, me and Roma made Falafels for din-dins. It was also tasty as sin. Really hoping to start cooking properly again - just love preparing lovely food and seeing and tasting the results. It's like some wonderful kind of art (yes Roman, if you read this I stole that from you too, just like the title of this gosh-darn entry).

Note how shit they are

Think the "moon madness" is in full swing, I must keep lashing out at people because I keep getting accused of doing so. If only they knew that my motives lay with the cycle of that big clean dinner plate in the night sky. Not that it's an excuse, however.

Can't seem to get enough of whiney ovary music at the moment. I'm 3-4 years late, but I can't get enough of Death Cab for Cutie. When they first came round and everyone boned over them, I took it upon myself to be too cool for that shizzl... Oh to be young again. I'm not quite sure what's going on recently. I'm being rather a dick. I'm really dreary and wishy washy and listeing to flowery pratty music. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the winter blues. PAH. GET A GRIPPP. My observations are true though, I'd just like to know why I'm such a wishywashy rimsniff.

The hummus in the middle was tha shit. Roma's mental mushroom medley was made of furious victory also. I think we should start up a wonderful restaurant....


  1. Love to read you.

    The same happened to me... I keep listening to "flowery music" like a maniac... it's the vegan experience, we need to express much less violence out. Dead corpse = violence, of course.

    I just wrote a "wtf" article about my melomania, hmmmm, it's fucking real.

  2. It was cold recently here, too.
    Like -25 degrees Celsius.
    Paradise outside, still.

  3. lol
    Again, the 'perfect' diet effect...
    I listen to "Death Cab For Cutie I Will Follow You Into The Dark"...
    I already knew the song, but my heart never, at all, felt it so deeply. wtf
    Thank you!

  4. -25c?! Here it's only -6c at night, at worst, and people are freaking out! Us English people, tsk..
    Aw, that's a lovely song.. In a weird way.. Listen to "Different names for the same thing" (this one has a really nice instrumental part) or "Title and Registration" they're even better!
    Yeah I guess it must be the diet! Although I still love a bit of crazy-loud music, but I'm more at peace with flowing, atmospheric music :)

  5. Yeah well the temperature fluctuates a lot here around Montreal, Canada, it's a special climate. During January/February it goes around 0 to -30 Celsius, but when it's very cold the air is also very dry so we don't die when we go outside. ;)
    I say that because I think the air is much more moist in England?

    Thanks for the song suggestions. :)

  6. Same here "I still love a bit of crazy-loud music" I'm not all the time "flowery high", even if I wished. I like the most recent Blink 182 songs, some Brand New, the old Green Day, some Boxcar Racer, 'Refused - New Noise', etc...

  7. Yeah, it's always wet in England. Rains alot! Although it hasn't too much recently...
    Ooh, Refused are one of my favourite bands! Protest Song '68, woooo. :)