Monday, 18 January 2010

Suckahs and chumps.

Waking up today at 7.15am was very hard; tried to talk to Roma when she came in but my voice just didn't want to kick in. I definitely wasn't of this world until about 9am. Coming into consciousness at an early hour for the first time in ages takes its toll on me. I'm just about ready for schleep now and it's 6.05pm. If I were to carry on the way I was, I would have slept my life away, I'm pretty sure. So why did I wake up so early? Merely to take Rome to college. And help mum out. And pick Rome up again. And go to Portsmouth; my least favourite city in the world, even though I live in it. Hurgh. It just has this terrible atmosphere, like wherever you look you might get bottled for not wearing a Portsmouth Footbal Club shirt, slash, merely being different. Oh, the mentality. Handed out loads of CV's, which was lovely because most of the time I was met with a blank face and a really nasty "No, we're not taking CV's and we don't have any jobs." A-holes. Had a few promising encounters, at a coffee shop, a Shakeaway and a Lush. Weeyy. Not looking forward to working in retail again though, my 8-month long Starbucks rape experience gives me ample fear. Ah well, money's money. At the end of the day it'll get me where I want to be.

Found some biscuits I could eat, Hobnobs! Haven't eaten crap like that (other than my cupcakes..oops) for quite a while! As soon as it went in my mouth I broke into a 10-minute fit of laughter. Tears, convulsions, shudders, squeals, the lot. Roma looked on in dismay. Not too sure how I feel about that! Either, my body was really fucking happy for a biscuit or there were some psycho additives in them...

Ventured into Southsea, the genuinely kooky and happenin' part on the hunt for wheat gluten, to no avail. But we did go into this crazy-ass hippy crystal shop and spend the best part of an hour drooling over the crystals. Really cool. Not 100% sure how I feel about all the crystal shennanigans, it's rather hippy-trippy but it's a kind of comforting thought I guess. Bought a huge nugget of rose quartz for £1.50, which was amazing. But more amazing was how the guy sold it to me, he took it off me, sprayed it with something then cracked a tuning fork off a giant jade buddha statue and waved the tuning fork over the crystal. I left the shop shocked, intrigued and genuinely overjoyed after that!

My "Animal-Free Shopper" book arrived today, so I'm going to be able to fully understand things I can and can't eat without trawling through the internet for ages. Hooray! Its going to make a good read methinks. Or leave me totally apathetic about the whole cruelty trade. Hmm. Either way.


Yep, going to see them in Wembley on Saturday. Totally nuts. Can't wait. Don't know what to say really! Not quite sure how I'll get back, might just hang with the cracka's and bums in Waterloo. (In an ideal world that would be safe. Or there wouldn't be any homeless. Or I could get back from London easily) Hella excited though.

Still on the ideal world shabang, hopefully I'll get millions of calls tomorrow asking me about when I can come in to start my new full-time job in a nice quiet coffee shop. And I'd have enough diesel to get places. Bughhh. Right, I'm going. Godt Nacht.

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